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Directorate of Research & Innovation

Nirma University established the Directorate of Research and Innovation (DRI) with the aim to promote the research and innovation activities amongst the faculty members and the students of the University. It works in consultation with a National Advisory Committee and a University Core Committee. The implementation of University research policy, stimulating innovations and strengthening doctoral research are the key aims of the DRI. The Directorate also facilitates the overall research progress of the University under various schemes, faculty engagement and research orientation programmes.


The major objectives of the Directorate of Research and Innovation are:
1) To create ambiance and atmosphere for quality, socially relevant and inter-disciplinary research
2) To promote quality in research innovation and intellectual capital
3) To ensure integrity, quality and ethics in research
4) To integrate teaching and research through translational and instructional research to intensify the generation of intellectual capital
5) To promote applied and inter-disciplinary research to solve societal problems
6) To contribute to the society through innovations/inventions
7) To encourage creativity amongst the students of the University

National Advisory Committee

The Directorate of Research and Innovation works under the guidance of National Advisory Committee. The Committee consists of both the internal and external members.

List of the Members of the National Advisory Committee